About us

Her Harvest Garden is about bringing a little beauty to our everyday lives. Working with nature to create stunning floral arrangements, hand-picked from the garden. Every piece is custom to you, no two arrangements are the same. We like to follow natures guide and use the curves of a branch to direct us, so you end up with a natural product. Everything is seasonal, mostly grown by us and nothing is imported, reducing our footprint. 

Our values

One of our main focusses is being a sustainable business. Sustainability is reflected in the way we source and create our flora. When creating our products we are conscious of the environmental impact. All of our wreaths and bouquets are hand tied with natural twine and wrapped with compostable tissue and brown paper. We compost everything we can, returning it back to the earth to complete the cycle. We support the grown not flown movement by not using imported flowers, we use what is seasonally available close by, to ensure we have the freshest product. 

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Meet Kate

Hi, I'm Kate McDonald the founder of Her Harvest Garden. I love sharing the joy and beauty of flowers with others. 

After working for an amazing florist in Taupo, XOX Floral, my passion for all things flowers grew. Moving North to Mangawhai, my generous in-laws have kindly lent me a small bit of land to get me started in my growing journey. I hope to someday (soon) have my own plot to fill with flowers.

My favourite part of this job is the connection with nature, I want the work I create to reflect this connection and be inspired by the perfect imperfections of nature. 


Meet Josh

Josh is Kates wonderful husband. A floral assistant in training, who loves helping out in the garden - pulling weeds is his favourite!

You might see him minding the market stall in the weekends or at the beach surfing. 

His main job is a builder but it is handy having a man with a van to fill with flowers.